Sunday, March 20, 2011

8 Things To Look For When Hiring A Wedding DJ

I'm very happy to announce that we have a guest blogger today: none other than Terry Holdershaw from Scotia Entertainment Services. Terry and his partner, Michelle provide professional DJ and live entertainment services throughout the Greater Toronto, Mississauga, Kitchener, Muskokas & Surrounding Areas.

8 Things To Look For When Hiring A Wedding DJ

1. Personalized Service - You want to feel a personal connection and have your DJ's personality match you and your theme. You don't want to be just another # for that DJ Company, you want to feel important and treated like a Prince or Princess!

2. Professional & Experienced - You want to make sure that you are hiring a DJ that has experience with weddings and anything special about your wedding day. Meet with the DJ or the Company in person, are they professional? Do they have a professional website? You want a DJ who is dressed properly and has a professional attitude for their job.

3. Licensed & Insured
- Every Professional DJ in Canada should have their music licensed by AVLA (Audio Video Licensing Agency). It is also highly recommended that your DJ carry liability insurance. There are many venues that are now making it mandatory for DJ's to have liability insurance. It is also a good sign for your DJ to be a member of a Professional DJ Association such as CPDJA.

4. Punctual - You want to ensure that your DJ will arrive on time and be set up prior to guests arrival. You wouldn't want to have your DJ loading in and setting up equipment during dinner or speeches.

5. Pricing - Shop around before signing a contract right away. Make sure that you are getting a service that is worth what you are paying for. Be weary of a deal that is 'Too Good To Be True' as well. Check out what the average prices are in your area and choose a DJ that you are most comfortable with within your budget.

6. Available - It's always best to give the DJ your date, venue and city right away so they can tell you if they are available or not for your wedding.

7. Music Library - Ask about the DJ's music library, do they carry a wide range of music genres to every gig and is it up to date with the current hits. You will also want to check to make sure that if they are using a 'digital library' that they getting high quality music from a legal source. All professional DJ's should have their music licensed by AVLA.

8. Recommended - Always check for testimonial and referrals. If brides, venues and other wedding vendors are highly recommending a service then there is a good chance that they have a good track record.

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Monday, March 7, 2011

Why Hire a Day Of Coordinator?

Wondering if youshould hire a Day Of Coordinator for your wedding? Check out this video we created for LaFete Weddings (

DOC from Nishi Dias on Vimeo.