Wednesday, January 21, 2009

See us at Staples!

If you happen to be browsing through the Staples Business Depot at St. Clair and Keele this month (hint: they have a ton of new DIY wedding stuff), stop over at our display at the store entrance; Night Day Productions is Staples' "recognized small business" of the month!

Thanks, Staples, for the shout-out and for helping small businesses.


Friday, January 16, 2009

"How do you light a church?"

Question: What's the best way to light a church?

Our Answer: Don't! If you don't want lights set up in your church (they're often prohibited) we usually make do with natural light.

See results:

Keep in mind that video quality is even brighter and clearer on DVD, as clips here are compressed for easy viewing on the web.

Wedding: Jenny and Samuel's elegant church ceremony
Videographers: Kwoi and Alannah
Editor: Nishi

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Raise School Funds With Professional Video Productions

Need to raise school funds? Instead of organizing another bake sale, consider having your next school play, church production, talent show, martial arts exhibition or dance recital professionally shot and edited. You can then sell professionally produced DVDs for profit, capturing your students' achievements in the process.

We are currently running a special INTRODUCTORY no-risk package for new clients interested in this service. All that is required is a minimum purchase of 25 completed DVDs at $20 each. Additional DVDs can be purchased at $20 a piece if desired.

If 75 or more DVDs are pre-ordered, we will add a second camera to the shoot, for a more dynamic and fluidly edited product. Using two cameras will enable us to cut between close-ups and wide angles without missing any action.

All video productions (1 camera and 2 camera) include:

- up to 2 hours of video coverage
- clean cutting/dissolving between shots/scenes
- titling
- even sound levels
- colour correction
- "library" case and full-colour wrap-around insert for each DVD
- full colour graphic printed directly on disc (no cheesy labels)

Contact Nishi at 416-821-8669 or to book a shoot.

School Performance Video Rates:

1 camera, 25 DVDs..... $500 INTRODUCTORY OFFER
Additional DVDs are $20 a piece

Regular Offer:
1 camera, 50 DVDs..... $900
2 camera, 75 DVDs..... $1,350
2 camera, 100 DVDs..... $1,700

Saturday, January 10, 2009

"It's too cold!"

"It's too cold to shop for a wedding videographer."

As a full-time video editor, I can work from home; and I appreciate not having to leave a nice warm house during the winter months. This time of year, I don't blame anyone who hesitates before battling through the slush, ice and traffic to go vendor shopping.

If you're considering hiring a wedding videographer, I highly recommend seeing an ENTIRE wedding video they shot and edited start to finish, not just highlights set to music.

If you're wondering what could make the hunt a little easier, I've got some advice: ask if you can see an entire wedding online, in the comfort of your own home in front of your computer. The video quality won't be as good as it will be on DVD, but at least you can get a good idea of the editing style, the coverage, the audio levels, the camera-work, etc. Then, if you're impressed, you can make the trek out to meet the vendor in person. At least then you'll know the trip is worth your while.

For anyone who is interested in seeing a complete wedding online, I can send you links by email: just send me a PM, email or call and let me know what type of wedding you're having (indoor, outdoor, church, banquet hall, what culture(s) etc.) so I can send you something that is relevant to you.

You'll see an entire wedding, as it appears on a client DVD:

- continuous documentary-style coverage of the ceremony, first dance, cake-cutting, speeches, etc. with natural audio, edited so it plays as it really happened
- montage sequences set to music of arrivals, cocktails, etc.
- "congratulations" from guests
- highlights trailer set to music, incorporating voiceovers of the vows and ring exchange, etc. for a "movie trailer" type piece to encapsulate the day

Here's to an easy 2009 and a pleasant vendor shopping experience! drunk

Nishi smile

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Videotaping Your Ceremony

There are MANY approaches to shooting a wedding ceremony, and of course it all comes down to personal preference. Here's how we tackle it:

1) Shoot with 2 cameras: to make sure we get a good angle of both the bride and groom, plus lots of close-ups of the ring exchange, etc. Use only 3CCD cameras (better for low-light situations)

2) Full edit without distracting cheesy effects: for seamless, timeless storytelling. Audio levels should be even (you shouldn't blow your ears out when the audience applauds, you shouldn't struggle to hear the vows). Colour balance (in-camera and/or in the editing process) for a nice, warm "film" feel.

3) Use little/no external lighting: it's not a film set, it's a wedding, right? We don't want the "deer caught in headlights" look from our bride/groom.

4) Use a wireless lavaliere microphone: a tiny mic concealed on the groom, picks up all the vows, the officiant, and any funny comments you might want to treasure.

5) Use a shotgun mic on the camera for ambient (room) sound: and mix this with the lav mic audio during the editing process.

6) Be unobtrusive: no cranes or distracting equipment and the camera (wo)men should dress neatly and discretely. You should barely know we're there!

7) Shoot, edt and output digitally to maintain picture quality. Yes, film is known to have a "warmer feel" but don't knock video before you've tried it. The credentials and talent of the shooter is more important than the format: cameras don't shoot people, people shoot people.