Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Raise School Funds With Professional Video Productions

Need to raise school funds? Instead of organizing another bake sale, consider having your next school play, church production, talent show, martial arts exhibition or dance recital professionally shot and edited. You can then sell professionally produced DVDs for profit, capturing your students' achievements in the process.

We are currently running a special INTRODUCTORY no-risk package for new clients interested in this service. All that is required is a minimum purchase of 25 completed DVDs at $20 each. Additional DVDs can be purchased at $20 a piece if desired.

If 75 or more DVDs are pre-ordered, we will add a second camera to the shoot, for a more dynamic and fluidly edited product. Using two cameras will enable us to cut between close-ups and wide angles without missing any action.

All video productions (1 camera and 2 camera) include:

- up to 2 hours of video coverage
- clean cutting/dissolving between shots/scenes
- titling
- even sound levels
- colour correction
- "library" case and full-colour wrap-around insert for each DVD
- full colour graphic printed directly on disc (no cheesy labels)

Contact Nishi at 416-821-8669 or NightDayPro@aol.com to book a shoot.

School Performance Video Rates:

1 camera, 25 DVDs..... $500 INTRODUCTORY OFFER
Additional DVDs are $20 a piece

Regular Offer:
1 camera, 50 DVDs..... $900
2 camera, 75 DVDs..... $1,350
2 camera, 100 DVDs..... $1,700

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