Friday, January 16, 2009

"How do you light a church?"

Question: What's the best way to light a church?

Our Answer: Don't! If you don't want lights set up in your church (they're often prohibited) we usually make do with natural light.

See results:

Keep in mind that video quality is even brighter and clearer on DVD, as clips here are compressed for easy viewing on the web.

Wedding: Jenny and Samuel's elegant church ceremony
Videographers: Kwoi and Alannah
Editor: Nishi


kwoi 國仔 said...

God is my Gaffer of choice & he's non-union...

kwoi 國仔 said...

...even though he wasn't of much help during last nite's black out. I just got my power back, thus internet. Dat's wat u get for non-union help, LOL!

Earl said...

Nishi - visited your blog, enjoy & appreciate your approach. Keep up the good work. Earl at