Tuesday, May 12, 2009

A Different Kind of Blog Post - Newborn Kittens!

I usually use this space to show what we've been up to at Night Day Productions, usually a new wedding video or baby/family photos, or a corporate shoot. But today I am posting something a little different.

We've been fostering this cat named Toffee through the Toronto Cat Rescue (TCR) and last night she had three kittens! This home video shows them less than 12 hours after the first one (the white one) was born. It was our first time witnessing a cat birth and it was truly fascinating; also remarkably easy with the guidance of the TCR volunteers. I strongly recommend saving a cat, either by adopting or even just fostering until a forever home can be found. It's a lot easier than I think most people think it is and incredibly rewarding.

For more information on saving cats and kittens, contact Toronto Cat Rescue

Best regards,

Nishi (new kitty grandma)

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